The vineyard “Domaine de Bayelle” is situated 10kms north of Pézenas in the south of France. The name comes from the stream which flows close by and the site was chosen because of this natural water source. Water has always determined where people live and work in the Languedoc and it seems that people have been living on this site since 300/400 BC, the most recent proof of this were the Gallo-roman tombs found in the grounds.


Returning from the First World War, Octave Paulignan, Philippe Bec’s grandfather, decided to exploit some of his family’s land.

In 1973 his daughter Lucille bought the ‘Campagne de Bayelle’, 2kms from the village of Caux and this is where Marie France and Philippe resumed the family role of wine producers for the 2002 harvest and made and bottled their own wine.


The soil found around the villages of Caux and Roujan gave them two complementary qualities, cool deep alluvial clay and limestone slopes, both indispensable for good quality AOC wines.

The total area of the vineyard is 25 hectares (63 acres).


Being in the family for several generations the vineyard is spread over three different areas and soil types.

The area of alluvial sediment gives a good south of France Chardonnay, beautifully fresh and smooth.

Another area produces our red Vin de Pays d’Oc from the well drained deep soil in which these vines of the south west grow best.

The final area is the Appellation d’Origine Controlée. These protected vineyards are found in the garrigue, on sandstone and ancient terraces. Here the traditional Mediterranean vines derive their distinctive flavours.

Anxious to protect the environment, we are in the harvest organic farming since 2013, certified by ECOCERT.